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My daughter, who was a minor at the time, was charged with 3 drug offenses (all at the same time) paraphernalia, possession, and trafficking. They are all misdemeanor charges, and she was charged as a juvenile. I have been fighting the charges, and exhausting a lot of energy, and throwing away a lot of money on an attorney, because I was concerned this would affect her ability to obtain student loans. From what I have been reading online, it seems that may not be the case, since they are juvenile offenses. Is that correct? This will help me determine how much time and money I am willing to spend on fighting the charges in court.

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There have been quite a few parents ask this same question, so you may want to check out some of the previous answers.  For the most part - your daughter will qualify for Financial Aid, as long as those charges are not a Felony, and did not happen while she was receiving Financial Aid for College.  

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