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QUESTION: Dear Sir/Madam

I have graduated from English Translation In B.A degree from a non-Governmental university in Iran.I am TOEFL and IELTS Instructor and am teaching since around five years ago, also, have a permanent TOEFL score above 110. my decision is about leaving my country to somewhere else with excuse of continuing education. I wonder whether is there any chance for me to get a kind of fund, such as semi-fund or any other help? if yes,in which major can i get fund?

is it possible to get fund in any major except Linguistics?

yours Sincerely,

ANSWER: Farhad,

Since you have a degree similar to what the US refers to as a Bachelors Degree - the continuing education you're seeking would be a post-graduate degree - or Masters Degree.  

Once US students have obtained their Graduate Degree - the burden of paying for any continuing education is completely shouldered by them, unless they have an employer who pays some portion of that cost.

Unless you gain employment that would assist you with furthering your education, I would suggest that you continue to teach, save some money, and begin paying for your education with that savings.

All the best to you, and I hope this helps answer your question.

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Thanks for your tangible information provided to me. you told me indirectly that there would n`t  be any kind of fund for me in Master degree.another question in my mind is, consider me as a student who have paid the firs semester fee. is there any chance for me to find employer or get any fund for next semesters.

Thanks again for your priceless information


If you are currently working for someone in the field of your education, you would need to get with that person to see if the company offers any funding or help with your tuition for your Masters.

If you are not working... you would need to find suitable employment within your field of education, and as part of the interviewing process - you may want to ask if they meet or match your contributions toward furthering your education.

It may not be possible for you to hold down a job, and go to College full time  but you'll have to make that decision.

I hope this helps.

All the best - Les

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