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Media timeouts in college basketball are pretty simple: first dead ball under 16, 12, 8 & 4.  But what about D-1 football? I've never been able to figure out when they occur.  Is there a standard?

Media Timeouts very in college football depending on whether there is TV or Radio coverage and conference TV Contracts.  In NCAA Div. 1 football games there is a similar structure as in the NFL.  The NFL  requires "X" number of commercial breaks per game (prior contact required 20 commercials per game, with ten in each half. (an exception is the overtime period which has none). These media timeouts run either 60-120 seconds in length. Of the ten per half, 2 are mandatory (the end of the quarter and the two-minute warning) and the remaining eight are optional.[1] Such timeouts can be applied after field goal tries, conversion attempts for both one and two points following touchdowns, changes in possession either by punts or turnovers, and kickoffs with the exception of the ones that start each half or are within the last five minutes of such. They are also called during stoppages due to injury, instant replay challenges, when either of the participating teams uses one of its set of timeouts, and if the network needs to catch up on its commercial advertisement schedule.  (See Abt, Samuel,  The International Herald Tribune,( January 25, 2010) "ESPN Positions Itself to Take on Europe," )  In college football media time out generally will take 60 or 90 seconds.  Generally there are two per quarter with media timeouts after scores.  We try to take them att he natural break in the game [i.e. after a change of possession, injury time out, etc.]

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