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I have what looks like an original picture of Gentry Dugat, left guard for Cumberland at game with Georgia Tech. Oct. 7, 1916. Score Georgia 222, Cumberland 0. The picture is signed by Gentry
Dugat, with info. typed on back of picture.

Could you give me more info. It is said to be the only picture made of the game. Would this picture have any value?

Thanks for any info.
Bobby Andrews

This question (ould this picture have any value) is outside my area of expertise.  If you will give me a few days let me bounce this question off some football historian peers and see if I can get you some information about the photograph you have of Gentry Dugat by next week..


I consulted some of my peers with the Intercollegiate Football Researchers Association.  I do not believe your photo is the "only picture made of the game".  Football historian Tex Noël, the Executive Director of the Intercollegiate Football Researchers Association provided me with the story about this game by Hal Reynolds' 10/21/16 article in the Sporting life (see below).  Tex advised "he story has the line-ups and subs... Cumberland has a LG listed by the name of Dugat--he was replaced by a man name Hamblin."  He also provided me a copy of a photo that was taken Oct. 7, 1916—during the highest scoring game in college football history: Georgia Tech 222-0 over Cumberland, Tenn.  He has identified two action photos from this game, 1 from the Atlanta paper and 1 from a Early Sports publication.

Bob Swick, football publisher and historian advised:  "With out seeing it, it would be hard to tell, it also could be possibly a reprint
if it is an original, the value could be $1000 plus depending upon condition and providence." Bob Swick, Publisher Gridiron Greats Magazine

Here is some additional information.
World's Record for Foot Ball By Hal Reynolds,  Sporting Life The World of Foot Ball, October, 21, 1916, page 18.

Georgia Tech Upsets All Former Marks for Point Totals By Running Up 222 Against Cumberland Thirteen Players Share Touchdowns.          

ATLANTA, Ga., October 12, Georgia Tech established a world's record for the highest number of points ever rolled up in a foot ball game on October 7, when Cumberland was swamped, 222 to 0.

The game was a romp from the Jackets from the beginning. In the first quarter Tech started out on their record run of points, piling up 63. At the beginning of the second period, practically a new team was sent in and they, not to be outdone by their team-mates, ran up another 63 points before the close of the period, making the score at the end of the first half, 126 to 0.

In the third period 54 more points were added, and in the last quarter 42. Tech tired out a good deal towards the close of the game, otherwise the score would have been larger than it was. Cumberland was totally unable to stop the Jackets, who were not thrown for a loss or even held for one.

of anywhere from 20 yards on up to 90 every time they started rushing the ball. Perhaps the longest run of the game came when Spruce received McDonald's kick-off and then ran through the entire Cumberland team for 90 yards. Shaver also received the kick-off and ran 70 yards for a score. In the matter of touchdowns, Strupper led his mates with six, Spence was next with five, then Fellers with four, Preas and Senter coming next with three each.

in the number of consecutive goals kicked after touchdowns. Preas played the entire first half, and during that time Tech made 18 Touchdowns, after which he kicked 18 goals. Some of his goals were from difficult angles. Tech relied strictly on end runs, mixed in with a few line bucks, while Cumberland, after being foiled on advancing the ball by running, resorted to forward passes. In all, they attempted 17, 15 of them failing, and two being successful.

Line-up follows:
TECH          Cumberland
Preas, L.E.          Warwick, L.E.
Bell, L.T.          Cope, L.T.
West, L.G.          Dugat, L.G.
Phillips, C.          Henessee, C.
Alexander, R.G.    McCall, R.G.
Carpenter, R.T.    Sullivan, R.T.
Puckett, R.E.          Carney, R.E.
Guill Q.B.          Edwards, Q.B.
Strupper, L.H.B.     Murphy, L.H.B.
Shaver, R.H.B.          Gouger, R.H.B.
Spence, F.B.          McDonald, F.B.
Score by quarters.   
Tech................ 63 120 180 222   
Cumberland .....0      0     0      0   
Summary—Substitutions: Tech: Senter for Puckett, Rogers for Carpenter, Fellows for Strupper, Griffin for Shaver, Fincher for West, Meadows for Bell, Glover for Spence, Johnston for Shaver, Lang for Meadows.

Cumberland: Angler for Gouger, Geiger for Edwards, Gray for McDonald, Hamblin for Dugat.

Touchdowns: Strupper 6, Guill 2, Preas 2, Alexander, Spence 5, Senter 3, Griffin 2, Glover 2, Fellers 4, Puckett, Shaver, Carpenter, Phillips.
Goals from touchdowns: Preas 18, Spence 5, Strupper, Fincher 5.

Referee, Ellis (Army); Umpire, Lewis (Virginia); Heads Linesman, Pitts (Auburn).
Time of quarters, 12 1/2 minutes.

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