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In last weeks Miami-Virginia game, Virginia was driving in the last 2 minutes of the game and had an incomplete pass on 3rd down and also had an injured player. Their was an official time out for the injury and my question is should Virginia been charged their final timeout or had a 10 second runoff? They went on to kick a field goal onside kicked, but Miami recovered. It just seemed they we rewarded their final time out when I believe it should of been used on the injured player. What is the time out ruling after an incomplete pass in the final 2 minutes with the injured player being on the offensive side of the ball?


This is a great question with the advent of the 10-second runoff a few years ago.  The 10-second runoff only applies in the last 1:00 of each half, and only if the clock is running and the foul/injury/helmet off is what causes the clock to stop.  In this case, it appears there was most likely more than one minute remaining, correct?  If there was less than 1:00, there still would not have been a 10-second runoff (which you are correct, Virginia could avoid by taking a time-out), because the clock was not stopped BECAUSE of the injured player.  The clock stopped for the incomplete pass.

So, as a recap, Rule 3-3-5-f provides that if the injured player is the ONLY reason for stopping the clock (and it isn't only on offense...the injured player may be on defense) with less than one minute remaining in a half, the opponent has the option of a 10-second runoff.  In addition, the play clock is set to 40-seconds for an injury to a defensive player, and 25-seconds for an injury to an offensive player.  The 10-second runoff may be avoided by a charged team timeout, if available.  There is no option for a 10-second runoff if there are injuries to opposing players.

I hope that helps.

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