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Is there pass interference in college if the ball is clearly uncatchable. If contact is made with the receiver is it then ruled illegal contact even if the ball is uncatchable.

Thank you for your question, you are asking about Rule 7-3-8 [don't confuse the NFL's illegal contact rule on a pass play  with the NCAA rule]. So if the contact on a forward pass play where the ball is beyond the NZ and the pass is uncatchable as you indicate we look to the type of contact.  Was that contact unnecessarily rough does it rise to a level of a personal foul, was the receiver in a defenseless position etc.   If so the contact is illegal and is penalized accordingly and there is not PI because the ball was not catchable.   So there is no DPI if the ball is not catchable.  Stated another way to have PI the ball must be catchable.  When there is contact against an eligible pass receiver and the ball is not catchable it is illegal. The rule states that during a down where a legal forward pass is thrown and the ball goes beyond the NZ illegal contact is prohibited by both the offensive and defensive teams.  It is not DPI if there is a bona fied attempt being made to catch the ball or when the illegal contact occurs before the pass is thrown.

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