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During a try for 2 points, A's pass is intercepted by B at the 1 yard line and run back 99 yards to A's end zone, are 2 points scored for a safety or 6 points for a TD. Same situation.....A's pass is intercepted in the end zone. Is the ball dead there or can B run it out and score in the opposite end zone. If so what points are scored?

Under NCAA rules it is a 2 point "Touchdown" for Team B and if the ball were intercepted in the end zone it remains live, it is not dead. High school rules are different the ball is dead when B gains possession.  A Try Down touchdown is worth two points.

Rule 8-3-2"
A try is an opportunity for either team to score one or two points while the game clock is stopped after a touchdown. It is a special interval in the game which, for purposes of penalty enforcement only, includes both a down and the “ready” period that precedes it.
a)  The ball shall be put in play by the team that scored a six-point touchdown. If a touchdown is scored during a down in which time in the fourth period expires, the try shall not be attempted unless the point(s) would affect the outcome of the game.
b)  The try, which is a scrimmage down, begins when the ball is declared ready for play.

c)  The snap will be midway between the hash marks on the opponent’s three-yard line or from any other point on or between the hash marks on or behind the opponent’s three-yard line if the position of the ball is selected by the team designated to put the ball in play before the ready-for-play signal. The ball may be relocated after a Team B foul or a charged timeout to either team unless the timeout is preceded by a Team A foul or offsetting penalties (Rules 8-3-3-a and 8-3-3-c-1).

d) The try ends when:
1) Either team scores.
2) The ball is dead by rule. (A.R. 8-3-2:IV and VI)
3) An accepted penalty results in a score.
4) A Team A loss-of-down penalty is accepted (Rule 8-3-3-c-2).
5) Before a change of team possession, a Team A player fumbles and the ball is caught or recovered by any Team A player other than the fumbler. There is no Team A score. (A.R. 8-3-2:VIII)

You can think of it this way: NCAA Rule 8-3-1 provides that points shall be scored according to the point values in Rule 8-1-1 if the try results in what would be a touchdown, safety or field goal under rules governing play at other times. The scoring rules for tries overrides the normal scoring rules so the Touchdown is 2 points by rule, not 6 points on a Try.  

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