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I recently received my midterm exams results but they were very bad. Even exams which I studied hard for them and expected good result from them after taking exam (I made arithmetic mistakes).
I dont know why I mistake too much. I've really disappointed about myself and depressed. Most of My scores was 25%. Midterms are 40% of total scores.
May I hope to pass my courses (get 50% of total scores)?
May you recommend me some advices?

My advice would be not to give up. First speak to your teacher. Make an appointment with them and tell them you are having trouble and want to do better. Tell them what you studied and why you studied that way and they can help you figure out what you did wrong
Most teachers like when you come for help...before the semester is over. It shows effort. Ask for suggestions for a tutor and let the teacher know about your progress.. At the end of the semester he or she may go a little easy on you because you kept in constant communication with them and tried. Other than that i suggest you study hard and eliminate the small mistakes. Your grade depends on it.

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