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I am an adult student taking some courses at a major university.  I have had the same professor for the first two courses of my program.  He is fantastic and I have zero complaints.  However, he did just specify to myself and to the other students that he's already had twice, that it would be in our best interest to take the third level course with another professor.  I obliged, and signed up with another professor for a summer session beginning this Monday.  I had even went to see my previous professor to tell him whom I signed up, and I even showed him the enrolment sheet (He's also the academic coordinator). Well, about three days ago, I noticed the university has changed the new instructor' name to my old  professor.  Somehow he took over this course as well!!  I feel awkward and don't know what to do since this is not my fault.  Do I just show up Monday and say nothing, since he knows I'm in this course, or do you think he expects me to drop it?  Another classmate of mine says she does not care and will sign up with him again since it fits her schedule - despite his request.  Please help!!!!!

Thank you,

I would just show up to his class. It is not your fault. You chose another instructor, showed him your new courses with your new instructor, you did your part. I believe you are over thinking it. Im sure he knows about the instructor change because he knows he is now teaching that course.
He is your coordinator so hopefully you feel comfortable with him. When you see him on the first day you can joke and say something like "here we are again...i tried to move on but the university has put us all back together again.
I do agree with your instructor about trying others in the future. As an adult student im sure you know that we dont get to choose who becomes our boss, coworkers, etc. Life is not always that giving so its not doing us any favors to always stick to the instructor that we feel most comfortable. Give yourself a challenge.
It will be fine. Dont worry.
Good luck with school. Much success

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