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I'm actually kinda scared. I live in PA. I'm heavily interested in going to a university that has nursing. I'm looking to go to La Salle and live 2 local train stops away. My mom wonders why I want to live on campus when it's 2 local stops and that equal to about a half hour walk. I thought no school would look at my porous 1100 SAT score until I found out and I just paid to send one out to LaSalle. It's my Junior SAT. I'm taking the ACT in October. I have a 3.1 GPA and you have to say that's elite for a kid who goes to school with a bunch of kids who mostly smoke weed in the bathroom. I told my mom I want to live on campus because I want the full package. But my concern is, how would it look for me if I fail out and they have to pay off around $50k-$60k for my failure? My real reason to live on campus is because I want my own space because I have a family with needs. Too much needs for me to have enough time for myself and to study. This is nursing I'm trying to get into. This is a crucial and intense career. I been rejected for a career I wanted. I looked at firefighting, and I can't do it mainly because of my asthma. That's BS! Don't FF's wear masks? Won't that protect my asthma? I'm over that now. But I'm out of ideas to get good money for a career and live in peace in solitude. I can disguise attitude but I can build a good attitude when I'm down or upset and I'm good at it. It's authentic when I disguise a bad mood. MY grandparents will ask me to sweep up leaves on the outside of the door, cut the grass for our yard and other neighbors yards, my uncle going away and it's all on me. And that takes up to 2-2.5 hours sometimes. Plus, I'll have to do dishes, clean the house, my grandparents health is going down. I care deeply for them but I want to get my life together for the future. I know living on campus doesn't make sense, but in this case I'll have peace, a lil bit of solitude but not much due to a roommate, and I'll have time to study all I want until class. I'm not those typical smart kids where you hear or see something once, you know it. I have to look and hear it again, and then study apply unhealthy amounts of pressure on my mind to focus and understand what I'm doing. It actually caused me to faint a few times, but I want to succeed, I have a life too. I have a grandfather where he seems cruel but behind the yelling he means well and cares. But I want my life. I love my family, but I gotta do what help me most. But I'll be stuck in a ditch if I somehow manage to fail out. The problem with LaSalle is they're under provision due to being under the state's requirement of students passing the NCLEX. Help, please tell me what I should do. Plus, to those who want to make smart comments, I can write and type. This is yahoo. I'm just giving details out.

Hello Robert,

Thank you for taking the time to write me I want to say I am impressed with your SAT score you will do well. My take on this is that you living on campus will be beneficial for you, but its its good for you to do that so you can experience what it's like to live on your own. Your family sounds like mine where they pile their responsibilities on you and expect you to carry the weight of the family and what you want to do means nothing. You deserve a life of your own and for you to use this time to build your future as a working professional. I commend you for going into nursing because the field is getting short of so many nurses leaving the field. Limit the time you spend with your family and focus on school. They need to deal with you going to school and that you have your own life. Ita sad that many dont have the support of their own families. Your family is being selfish and inconsiderate of your needs, wants, and desires. Find yourself in the life you want. You will make one hell of a nurse go for what you want and dont matter what your family wants this is your future and life.

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