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Hi. I'll be going to college in a few months. Currently i just finished high school and i have a few months before I start. I was thinking of learning archery. I have a fairly good academic background but I am not active in sports. I wondered if simply by learning archery these few months will help. Does college life stress on extra curricular activities?
I am not sure if this is the proper place to ask, but I do hope you can help.

Depends on the college.  Some colleges are strictly academic and the kids don't do extra-curriculars.  When class is over, they get on the subway, or get into their car and go home.

Other colleges have a lot of extra-curricular activities and every one does them.  Getting involved with a student club or activity is a great way to meet people.

Most students find adjusting to college moderately stressful.  Having a relaxing hobby like swimming, jogging, meditation, or whatever, is very helpful to cope with the stress, and also get you exercise so your body stays in shape.  

Few colleges have an archery range, and it's often difficult to find a place to practice.  If you can find a place to shoot and you enjoy it, great.  

Hope this helps.

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