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My name is Emily and I applied for the upcoming fall semester at UCLA, UC-Berkeley, and UC-Irvine. Ive already sent my transcripts to the admissions office, but Im worried about the end of the year transcript that I have to send in. Im a straight A student, with a 4.1, a 28 on the ACT, and a lot of extra- curriculars. but this year I decided to take two AP classes, one of which is AP Chemistry. I managed to get a C last semester, but I am really struggling in this class. I don't have a very good teacher, and the material is very difficult to understand (even with tutors, the teachers assistance, and countless all-nighters). If I do end up with less than a C on my transcript for this semester, do you know what are the chances of having my offer of admission revoked (assuming I end up getting accepted)? Not sure if this question is answerable, but any kind of insight would help! They are my dream schools, and getting in would be amazing! But getting my offer retracted because of ONE class would completely crush me.


Policies vary widely from school to school.  Personally, I have never heard of a school revoking admission because of one "C" on a high school transcript.  Admission often gets revoked with one "F" and occasionally with a "D".  Usually with one "D" they don't revoke admission. but instead ask you to take the class in summer school or at a community college to replace the "D" with a better grade.  

BUT... if you need the science class or units to graduate from high school, and the grade you get is too low to get credit, then you won't graduate high school.  Some high schools don't give credit for a "D".  Then most schools will tentatively let you come, provided that you can make up the missing units or science credit over the summer.     

Admission is most commonly revoked for things like an arrest for Ddrug possession, cheating on a test, or similar things, not low grades.   

There is a lesson to be learned here.  If a class is too hard and the teacher is lousy, DROP THE CLASS.  Take something else instead, and take the class later with a different teacher.  in college, most kids sign up for 6 or 7 classes, attend all of them for a few days, then drop down to 4 or 5 classes.  This allows them to skip the terrible teachers.  Don't do what my daughter did her freshman year at UC-Berkeley.  She signed up for multi-variable calculus and got a prof whose English was impossible to understand, and was assigned to a section taught by a grad student whose English was even worse.  We urged her to drop the class, but she insisted that she'd manage.  She ended up with an "F" in the class.  Much, much better to drop the class.  Most colleges give you 3-7 weeks to drop a class with no penalty.

Often kids have trouble with AP Chemistry because they have holes in their math preparation.  If you plan to re-take the class in the future, study up on the math ahead of time.  Also buy an AP Chemistry review book (the kind people use to study for the AP test) and review it.  Most of the review books are well organized and good at explaining concepts.  

Good luck.  

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