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QUESTION: Sue i am at my wits end here as i have thrown 30,000 dollars into school as a private pay. Despite a 3.38 undergrad gpa I cant take more then the three graduate courses for which my undergrad degree overlaps with a graduate level program ( I am going in another direction for my graduate education so transfers would be quite unlikely )

I have a straight 4.0 in my discipline. ( BS in CS. ) Why cant I finish hard and do six graduate courses at another institution ? its my money so there is no financial aid factor. If what I want to do meets or exceeds the requirements on a course for course basis why am I  not allowed to press onward?

ANSWER: It sounds like the university is imposing these restrictions on you.  Talk with your undergraduate advisor or department undergraduate administrator and ask THEM your questions.  Most universities will happily let you take graduate level classes as an undergrad.  Many universities also have a 5-year combined program where you earn a simultaneous BS and MS after 45 years, in the same course of study.  Perhaps your graduate major is in a different college from the undergraduate program, and this is causing the problems.  You may need to apply for admission to the other college before they permit you to take classes there.  This situation is wildly different from one university to the next, so you need to talk with YOUR university.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your help so far. I am keeping the thread in a neat pile by asking this here if its an issue I will resumbit as a new query.

Courses were an issue I got what I could. New problem is I want a maths PhD ( analysis). You seem to snow about financial aid how do I do this as a first time applicant whats the bill going to look like.

ANSWER: With good grades and scores, a PhD usually doesn't cost any money for tuition.  In the USA, usually the university pays the student, because usually the student teaches a class or two, plus works on research for a professor.  Usually the stipend covers the tuition.  At some universities, the stipend also covers part of room and board and books.

It depends on the university.  It also depends on your grades and scores.  If your grades aren't high enough, they won't offer you a teaching position.  

What college are you currently attending?

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QUESTION: Cool I get to say I am a professional student. Excelsior College ( ) gpa 3.38 college is a backwater and online. I will qualify for any hardship aids without difficulty after paying for moms cancer treatment. BS in IT concentration information security.

The EE and Nuclear Engineering programs at Excelsior are accredited by ABET (who does national accreditation for engineering and technology programs), but their IT and computer programs are not accredited.  This means that no reputable university and most reputable employers will not consider an IT "degree" from Excelsior to be a real degree in IT.  

Because their IT program isn't ABET-accredited and because it is an online-only college, it will make it very difficult for you to be accepted to a PhD program at a reputable university.  

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