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QUESTION: Hello, my name is Jilly and I have an ethical problem. I need to write sooooo many essays to pass my exams BUT I'm working hard (because I need to pay for my education) and I just have no time to do this. I see only one variant  - buy the essays using essay writing services (my neighbor advised me Is this legal? What problems I can have? I'm really have no other options.

Thank you for your advice!

ANSWER: Noooo.  Do NOT buy essays.  Almost all teachers and professors use a service called TurnItIn to compare the essays you submit with the ones that are sold on line.  If you buy an essay, you will be CAUGHT and the school will probably flunk you (high school) or kick you out (college).  

But you probably have a choice.  Many schools will allow you to take a grade of "incomplete" and finish up your schoolwork over the summer, then turn it in for a final grade.  If you need to take exams, they may allow you to take the exams, get an "incomplete", then turn in the required essays over the summer.  Talk with your teachers/profs to see if you can do an "incomplete".

Most colleges will let you take an incomplete for any reason, but typically high schools will only do it if there is a medical reason, family crisis, or if you have been traveling and missed several weeks of school.

But do NOT buy an essay online.  Do NOT turn in an essay that a friend or older brother/sister used.  You will get CAUGHT.  Here is a link to the most common cheat-catching website.  Teachers and profs use it.  A lot.  And catch a lot of cheaters.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your answer! I'll talk to my prof about this opportunity. About essay writing sites - many of them, like, assure that their writers write  only 100% unique essays. How the teacher can catch me in this case? Of course, I don't want to cheat - but if there is no other options?

Thank you one more time!

If you're going to cheat and buy an essay, why not cheat and buy a diploma?  There are many "colleges" that will sell you a "diploma".  The point is to LEARN something.  Buying an essay doesn't teach you anything.  There is always another option.  EVERY college lets its students take an "incomplete" grade.  

Do you want to risk your college career buying an essay from a site that you never heard of?  Yes, each essay may be unique, but large parts of it are copied, and you may still get caught.  

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