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Sorry I dont know if this is in the correct category but could you tell me to what extent does a college admission process search up students online
My problem is that I am very protective about posting pictures of myself online (like on instagram, kik, etc.) I hava accounts and on them I usually have profile pictures of like sports that I like and such. Rather than posting selfies or such, I post pictures of different things (that dont include my face). Im scared that I will be recognized by colleges when its time for University, since they search up students online. Is it going to hurt my chances of getting into an University, if the University admin. find pictures of me online on social media or is it ok for me to post pictures of my face
Im a male, I dont know if that effects the question and the pictures I post are just regular photos (not inappropriate)
Thank you and any answers are appreciated

Depends on the colleges.  Some search online and others do not.  But most employers will search, so be careful what you post online.  It's always OK to post a photo of yourself fully clothed, and looking at the camera.  But don't post pictures of yourself doing anything illegal or unclothed.  

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