My father is a Colombian citizen who became a US citizen in the 90's. When I was 12 we moved to Colombia and I got a Colombian passport and became a dual citizen of the US and Colombia. When I was 21 I went back to Colombia to visit some family but realized that I had to get a Cedula in order to leave the country, now that I was an adult. I got a temporary Cedula called a Contrasena and that was enough so that I could leave the country and return to the US. I am 27 now and my passport has expired and I have lost the Contrasena. I live in the US (Pacific Northwest) but I would like to renew my passport and get my Cedula. What should I do?

Hi Edgar,
You have to give power to someone in Bogota to inquire about the cedula that was pending. Colombia changed the cedula format a couple of years ago, that means that you will probably will have to renew the cedula again through the consulate.
Please email us directly at, we can give you more information.


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