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Hi Cesar,
We will visit Colombia again in March and we want to buy a Garmin compatible GPS map for driving and hiking. GPS will probably be Garmin Montana 600.
What do you advise: the Garmin South America? But does it cover the area between Medellin and Jardin / Andes? We will stay in Jardin. Is it good for car driving in that area? Does it show the many dirt roads between the villages?
Are there any more detailed maps available for hiking?
Do you have experience with the paper Colombia Topo maps? I could make a custom digital map in that way? Where can you buy the paper topo maps?303xk

Thanks for your reply,


Dear Mr. Johannes:

Regrettably I do not use GPS devices. Therefore I am not familiar with them. I simply use maps or ask for directions. That has worked well for me. Since your language is different than Spanish then you will probably have problems communicating with people here. In that case the GPS would be handy. You could take a bus at the "Terminal del Sur" that will take you there or nearby. I have not been in Jardin, but the following web page says that it is 134 kilometers from Medellín:

You can use Google Translate to translate the above web page.

It says that the topography varies a lot, from 1500 to 3000 meters.

You could use Google Earth, Google Maps, and Bing maps to see how the terrain looks like and what is nearby.

You can also find maps of El Jardin at:

I normally do not go out hiking as I used to. You could contact the Instituto Geografico Agustín Codazzi for map related questions or visit their website to find their maps.

I wonder if the following sofware would be useful to you:

Best wishes,



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