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Hola Cesar!

I thank you for your assistance and I appreciate your time.
My question: My Fiance' and I are to be married April 13, 2013. I am American and have my correct documents.
He is from Cali, Columbia and has a copy of his birth certificate which has been notarized recently in Cali (Jan 29th, 2013) then mailed to us in the states by his mother. In RI where we are to be married they are asking for the "original" birth certificate.
My fiance explained that people in Cali don't have primary possession of such documents and are only able to obtain copies of the original. Is this correct? Is there a way to obtain possession of the original birth certificate? If so whom do we contact?
Than you very much!!!!

Alison & Mauricio

Dear Ms. Alison and Mr. Mauricio:

Yes, notaries in Colombia make a photocopy of the original record and stamp it. That copy should be considered an original copy for use in legal matters. What you could do is have someone get it stamped (apostillado) by the Departamento de Relaciones Exteriores (Department of Foreign Relations) in Colombia. It would be in Cali for your case. That stamp might help. You could ask the RI office if that would be acceptable to them. Once it is "apostillado" you can then have the document sent thru Coordinatora ( or some other way to you (such as DHL or whatever). The shipment thru Coordinadora would take about 3 or 4 days and would cost less than about 30 dollars (they also ship at longer terms for a lower price). What is expensive is have it "apostillado" (stamped) by the department of foreign relations in Colombia, which could be about $70 (I do not remember how much).

When a document is in English then before the "apostillado" they want it translated to Spanish. A translation by an official translator could cost about 25 thousand pesos per page (less than $15). I ran similar errands for a Quick Claim Deed in English that needed to be sent to the US. Since the document was in English then it had to be translated, but in your case the document is already in Spanish.

I imagine that you could find on the Internet a page that explains the situation so that they will see that it is the way they work in Colombia.

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