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Hello, I'm from Colombia and I'm living in NJ USA. I want to ship my cat from Col to NJ. so far I saw in several web sites that I only need the health certificate. is it true?
another question is I know I will need to bring my cat and the certificate into the ICA's office, but should this certificate be in english? or can the Vet who had been seeing my cat give me this in spanish? some special fromat is required? if not you know where can I get it? does she need vacines' certificate?
many thanks for your help.


It is actually a very simple process, and a simple answer!  You will need to take your cat to a local Colombian veterinarian who will complete all the proper travel certificates, documents and vaccines.  This will need to be done with (I believe) 7-10 days of travel.  Then you need to take the cat up to the ICAs office so that they may do a quick examination and sign off on the paperwork.  This is also done just days before travel.

No special language or formats are required - the vet and the ICA have all paperwork and it is a smooth process.  In the U.S. they will take the documentation as is, maybe inspect the documentation and the cat, then you'll pass through.

Easy! :)


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