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I got a ticket to travel to Colombia on December. My Colombian Passport has expired this present Month September. My question is as I have US passport; Can I travel using only my US passport to Colombia,and only show the Colombian Identification Cedula de Ciudadania)when I have arrived to Colombia???, so that way I can renew my colombian passport in Bogota on December. Will I have any trouble if I do that. It is necesary for me to renew the Colombian passport here in US before traveling??/  Thanks in Advance.

Hello Claudia,
It is difficult to say. The law in Colombia is very clear, one must enter and exit the country with a valid Colombian passport. You will have to leave the US showing the US passport, but you will have to show your Colombian passport once you arrive. However if you show your expired passport, they MAY let you in with no problem, you just convince them that you will renew while in Colombia. I have heard of many clients who traveled in the same situation as you and had no problem.
So basically, travel at your own risk. Sorry, I wish I could be more helpful.


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