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It would be most beneficial to those of us who read this forum to get follow up from the questioners. a quick response will reenforce the advice and let us know that things went well, (or didn't turn out as they had hoped) My questions would relate to safety as I am a 55 year old "gringo" with limited Spanish. Some of your older posts said crime was increasing in Medellin. I have been reading of issues in Armenia and Bogota, 2 places i would likely pass through. Also is 1 1/2 hours sufficient to make an transfer at the airport. I would have checked baggage but that should be passed through by the airline. I would fly avianca all the way as that seems to be easier with the terminal at Bogota.

Hey James,

great that you checked previous answers before asking. I frequently get the same questions because folks do not take the time to check older answers!

Crime statistics have been high in Medellin this year, higher than in Bogota and far above Latin American standards. But on the other hand, lots of foreign tourists are visiting the city. The fact is that most of the crimes take place in the suburbs on the hills and among youth gangs. So if you stick to the wealthier, touristy areas and keep your eyes open, the chances are that you will not become involved in any dangerous situation.

There are safer destinations in Colombia, though, so reflect on why you want to go to Medellin so much. Cartagena, Santa Marta, Bogota and Armenia are fairly safe places.

Transfers at the Bogota airport are fairly quick. You would not even need to leave the terminals. So I would not worry much about that.

I hope that this helps. If not, write back.



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