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Retiring soon on a modest income.  I have watched videos with apartment for $400 to 0 a month with electric about $50 a month.  Instead of Medellin I thought of living in a smaller city such as eviangado, pereira of El Pablado.  I plan to take a trip and stay about a month.  Thanks for any help.

Dear Mr. Wallace:

I already helped someone who retired here from Maryland. He chose to live at a hostal at El Poblado and them moved to another place in El Poblado. Envigado is at one of the sides of Medellín and it is a little expensive to live there, but not everywhere in Envigado. Pereira is a very nice city to live if you want calm and quiet. It is a small city and you might become bored there unless you have a car to go farther than the city or pay for the extra money to go farther. The good thing about Pereira is that everything is close and the city is mostly clean and organized. El Poblado is one of the most expensive areas in Medellín. You can let me know when you are coming and when you arrive and then I can show you around, give you advice.




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