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What are some Colombian Jobs and how do people get around in colombia

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The jobs in Colombia are pretty much the same you would see in most countries. You will not see people pulling carts by hand to move people around. There are office jobs, retail jobs, etc. There is people on the street selling fruits and vegetables, but not all over the city. Rather in some parts of downtown, not in the whole downtown, but in some areas. The coverage of the street vendors depends on the size of the city. Most cities have a lot of stores of all sizes and have the competition of the street vendors who would sell clothing, food, minutes for people to make calls, remote controls for TV, batteries, cables, etc. The office jobs are of all kind, from management to clerical. There are technical jobs of all kind, etc.

Most people use public transportation since vehicles are expensive due to the high import fees. Used cars are very expensive in comparison to US prices. Public transportation is very good. There are a lot of taxis and many people take them if they can afford them or if the route would require taking several buses. There are buses and microbuses that go to most places, even up the mountains where many people live. There is metro in Medellín and Bogotá is getting its own. There is also the metro buses that take people from several areas and to metro stations. There are buses that take people in between cities and even to the border with other countries. Therefore there is a good variety of ways to move around. The public transportation is excellent since there is a lot of demand for it. Of course there is a good number of people who have a car and move around with it. Some people have several cars because in in a couple of cities (Bogotá and Medellín) there is a restriction on the circulation one day a week (in peak hours) depending on the last number of the license place.




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