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I was born in the states while my father was born in Colombia. He was naturalized so he is probably a dual citizen. I have never been to Colombia and have been told by the Navy i need to renounce my Colombian citizenship but off the embassy website it says i need a Columbian birth certificate and all this Colombian paperwork to renounce citizenship. How do I renounce citizenship if i am not a citizen?

Dear Mr. John:

You might have become a dual citizen by being a son of a Colombian, but I do not know. I am not in the immigration business.

The following page gives you the instructions in English:

The following page gives the steps for renouncing the Colombian citizenship in Spanish. You can use Google Translate to have it translated:

It says the following:

1. Consignar a nombre del Fondo Rotatorio del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores el valor del trámite, en la entidad bancaria autorizada

2. Dirigirse a la Tesorería del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, para que le sea expedido el comprobante de caja. En caso de realizar la consignación en Bogotá

3. Presentar solicitud anexando la documentación requerida ante el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores o ante el consulado de su respectivo domicilio

4. Notificarse del acto administrativo ante el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores o el consulado donde presentó la solicitud

5. Recibir el Acta de Renuncia de la nacionalidad colombiana en el lugar donde se presentaron los documentos

The link below is for people who are in Colombia, but also says that you can do the paperwork at a Consulate. I recommend you to go to the nearest consulate, explain your situation, ask for instructions, and do the required paperwork if necessary. The fee is $80 if doing it outside of Colombia and they ask for 5 photos. It takes 2 months if the person is outside of Colombia. The website lists the requirements when the person is in Colombia (such as going to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Colombia. You would do the steps for people who live in the US, mainly go to the consulate with the required paperwork, but you should go and ask first and then do the steps for what you need to do.

Spanish speakers can click on the several links on the left side of that page for details in regards to the requirements, etc.

The same website lists the requirements, but you should not need to get a Colombian birth certificate beause you were not born in Colombia. Normally all of the instructions you will see in that page are for people who were born in Colombia or that got Colombian citizenship by doing the paperwork to get it (such as sons of Colombians who did the paperwork to also become Colombians), not really for someone who has never done any paperwork to become a Colombian. Maybe you do not need to renounce to your Colombian citizenship because you never did the paperwork to get it, but I suppose that the Navy wants to make sure of your loyalty to the US and therefore wants proof that you do not want the Colombian citizenship. I think they want proof that you do not have double citizenship and that if you do you renounce to the Colombian citizenship.

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