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QUESTION: Cesar I am interested in a Colombian lady but yet I know little about her. Knowing some one takes times, especially if it is someone you would like to marry. Today it is easier by having a backgraound check on a person whom you are interested before making a decision of flying to a distant country to meet that person. My question is how from here America can I have a bacground check on this lady to find out if it is a person I would trust and would like to meet personally. I thank you for your answer.

ANSWER: Dear Mr. Muñoz:

The only thing I am familiar with is Datacredito, which is a company that keeps records of people who failed to pay on time or did not pay a debt. Those records are mainly for companies to use. I imagine that there are other ways to check the backgrounds of a person, but I do not know which. I suppose that some people use private investigators, etc. I think that since you have doubts about her then you should get to know her longer before making an important decision such as marrying her. What you could do is go to Colombia during your vacation time and get to know more of her, but that short period of time will not tell you fully about her since she could try to be nice during that time, but at least you get to see how she lives, if she helps at home, if she does not do anything, if she keeps trying to make you spend money in unnecessary things, in luxury, if she tries to save you money, etc.

You could call me and we could talk about what you have noticed so far, etc. I have a lot of experience in regards to relationships that could be helpful to you.

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QUESTION: What can you tell me about private detective investigation? Meeting her prsonally would not let me seen to her past--past lovers,still with some one? how is her spae time spent?  Thank you,Cesar. Lo agredeco mucho.

Dear Mr. Muñoz:

They can follow people to determine what they do. They are often hired to determine if the person is dating somebody else, etc. They can place microphones to record what the person says, video record the person to show what the person did, who the person dated, etc.

Most people had past loves, lovers, etc. Therefore most likely she would have a past. What needs to be determined is if it was a good past or a bad past. A private detective can tell you what she does in her spare time. What you could do is live with her for some time and not get married, get to know her and see if she can be trusted or not. If you have a lot of doubts and continue to have doubts the relationship could get damaged if you are very jealous with her and questions her every move. She could get tired of it and give up on you.  I do not think it is healthy to start a relationship full of doubts. You could be a boyfriend with her for a long time, not marry soon if you are not sure. You could ask her about her past. Most females in Colombia do provide a lot of information about their past, past loves, etc. You just need to ask. If she does not tell you then she might have something to hide or had a troublesome past unless she is very young in life and has been a girl who mainly remained at home and went to school. You can ask her what education she has. Then you can determine if her age matches the grade she should be in or if she missed several years. You can ask her why she is behind in school, if her parents did not have money to send her to school or if she simply did not want to go to school. You can basically have long talks with her to know more about her. You can ask her what she wishes to do in live, etc.

I imagine that you might have not seen her in person, only over the internet, and that is why you are troubled about her and her past. In that case it is understandable that you would be concerned. I noticed that you do not want to take any risks. I can say that many females have a troublesome past, but because of need, not really because they wanted to have that past. You should watch for her temper. A lot of females have a terrible temper and that makes living with them very difficult. Many females are sweet during the first stages of a relationship, but at some point you can notice their pitfalls, their bad temper. Therefore it is important to be watchful about how she behaves around people, how she treats others: her family, friends, people on the street, people at stores, etc. You should watch if she is demanding, if her mood changes in an instant, if she is impatient, extremely religious, lazy, does not want to work or study, etc.

What city is she in? We provide surveillance services in Medellín.



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