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My Colombian boyfriend and I have been talking about marriage. I would like to get married here in the United States, but after the marriage we want to go back to Colombia. I have been the one traveling to Colombia, and he is looking to try and come on tourist visa in December just to meet my family in person, etc.

Since we want to live in Colombia, would he still need to apply for a fiancÚ visa to get married here in the US? I know I will need to apply for a visa to stay in Colombia, but I'm just trying to figure out the easiest way to get him here to the US to get married, since he is not wanting to apply for residency/green card.

Thanks much!


I'm not sure that my response will be what you want to hear, but I have seen these situations over and over and over in Colombia.

First, do not bring him here on a tourist visa to get married.  This is called visa fraud, and may well get him barred from ever getting a visa to the U.S. again.  If you want to get married in the U.S., don't look for shortcuts - do it the legal way, they way that every couple has to do it, by waiting in line for a fiance visa.  If you love each other, the marriage shouldn't have to be rushed anyway. If he doesn't want residency or a green card, why would you even bother getting married in the U.S.?  Get married in Colombia and invite your friends and family down!

However, most likely the U.S. Embassy is going to sniff out his attempt at the tourist visa as they don't often give them to people looking to visit family of their significant others and who currently have not ties to the U.S.

I wish you the best of luck, and hope you guys work something out!  


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