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Hi there

I am currently in Colombia and drove here from Canada.  I have used up my 6 months as a tourist but a school here will help me with a work visa to stay.  The problem is my vehicle.  If I obtain the work visa, can I once again go to DiAN and have my vehicle permit extended?  Or exit the country after obtaining the work visa and drive back in to get a new vehicle permit?  

Much thanks!!!  As I would really like to get the work visa and stay, but not sure if the temporary car permit is only for tourist visas.   But I don't want to pay for be visa and then Find out after I can't stay because of the car which would be a lot of money wasted.   


Dear Mark:

The intent of the temporary permit to have a car inside of Colombia temporarily, not past the allowed time. People could try to get it to avoid paying the import fee, but that only works when the person takes the car out of Colombia before the permit expires. If you want to keep the car longer than the permit allows then you have the option of paying the import fee or finding another way to solve the situation such as getting an extension, but I do not know if DIAN issues extensions on those permits. You should ask them what to do. There is the option of exiting with the car to a nearby country and coming back with it to get a new permit, but I do not know if that would work. I suppose it would, but it would be bothersome to be going to another country such as Ecuador, Panama, or Venezuela and be coming back every time the permit is about to expire. You could ask DIAN what to do. They are the best source for such information. I am not in the import/export business.

The temporary car permit is for anyone who brings a car into Colombia temporarily, not to keep it in Colombia unless the person pays an import fee. The big problem is that Colombia only allows the importing of brand new cards (at most 1 year old) and classic cars (I am not sure how old but probably 25 or 50 years old or more) except for cars imported by people who belong to consulates and people such as that in some governmental offices with special permits. You might need to export your car back to your country once you no longer have a permit for your car. The intent of the permit was not for people to bring cars and leave them in Colombia. Therefore whoever buys it from you will not be allowed to drive it on the streets because it does not have the required permits.




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