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I am aware of no visa requirement for Colombian nationals to visit mexico but is it try you have to show money to immigration in cancun to enter beyond showing return flight and place to stay?

Dear Mr. Tommy:

This question might be better answered by a person who knows about immigration in Mexico, but I think that my answer below should be correct:

As an example: I know that the US wants to know the ability the person has to support himself during the stay in the US by asking about it during the visa application. I imagine that most countries would like to know that, but normally would not ask about it at the port of entry unless something comes up that makes them think that the person is insolvent and is unable to pay it or get the funds to support himself during the stay (such as when the person looks like a homeless, looking extremely poor, etc.). I know that countries ask travelers to fill out a form at the plane: they are asked how much money the traveler carries and how long the person intends to stay, but normally the dollar amount is to determine if the person is carrying over 10 thousand dollars. That is to find out if there is a possible money laundering going on. They might look in the form at the amount the person carries to have an idea about how much money the person carries, but that answer will not tell them how much money the person has in the bank. They do not ask how much money the person has in the bank. Therefore the question in the form will not always help them determine if the person will be able to finance his stay. Anyway, that (the ability to finance the trip) is determined during the visa application process, not really at the port of entry. Therefore I think that you should not be worried about showing proof of ability to pay for your expenses at the port of entry since travelers can normally say that the money is in the bank or that the trip is financed mostly by relatives or a company. That is, the traveler can say that he has that taken care of the means to pay for the trip. If the person states that he does not have a way to pay for those then there will be a problem since they do not want to allow entry to a person who does not have the means to pay for the stay (and therefore he will be sent back home in a return flight).




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