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Hello Cesar: I am lookin for a reasonable priced hotel near bogota airport. thank you

Dear Mr. Jerome:

There is a taxi service at the airport that charges you a price in advance for your trip. It is more expensive than usual, but it is safe. They ask you where you are going and then charge you the price. You can tell the person that you want to go to a nearby community/area to stay in a reasonable priced hotel. The attendant will pick a nearby city and charge you for that. Then you will tell the taxi driver the same thing: that you want to stay in a reasonable priced hotel in that city. The taxi drivers earn a commission when they refer passengers to hotels. Therefore he will take you to the hotel he suggested.

When I arrived in Bogota I told the attendant to set the taxi trip to downtown for a downtown hotel. Downtown is somewhat far from the airport (probably 20-25 minutes, while a nearby area is probably 5 to 10 minutes away. My intention is go around downtown to see it again after many years. I asked the driver to take me on a tour in downtown and offered him extra money for that. Then I asked him to drive me to a hotel near the airport so that I will be close to the airport since my flight was very early in the morning. I arrived past midnight and I had to take an international flight around 6 a.m., having to be at the airport even earlier. I slept very little, probably 3 or 4 hours. The place was not actually a hotel, but a house that people was using as a residential hotel. I looked at the room and it was decent, but the place was not a hotel, simply a house that they were using to rent rooms. On top of that the price was high. I was happy that I had a tour around the city in the taxi at night with a taxi driver I could trust (since it was contracted by a registered taxi company that has a contract with the airport) and then be close to the airport when I had to wake up.

The next time I traveled to Bogota I stayed at a fantastic hotel in Chapinero. It was very reasonably priced and it looks better than any other hotel I have been in the US. I do not remember the name of it. I found other hotels nearby that were priced at 50k pesos and more. A taxi to Chapinero will cost around 15 thousand pesos. The area is close to downtown, but it is not completely safe. I stayed near a university and there were some bars near the university where students stopped for a drink. The hotels were near the Transmilenio bus stops. I walked at that main avenue and nearby places including a nearby church. The hotels were near a Servientrega office. You can search for the Servientrega office in Chapinero. It is the only one there. Then look for the address and the look for hotels near that, the hotels that are close to a private university there.




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