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Colombia/question about open yoga classes in Bogota and contemporary dance classes


Hi Juan Carlos, I recently read your response to someone who was thinking of moving to Colombia and set up a yoga business. Your response included some general info of how much yoga classes would cost while down there. So here is mine:
I am coming to Colombian for a dance festival, I would love to take some yoga while down there, coming from NYC there is a yoga studio in every other corner offering drop in rates. Is there a yoga community in Bogota Colombia? Where would I go to find out about classes down there?..and in US dollars how much would each class cost (estimate)
Thank you so much in advance! :)  

Dear Anali,

Yoga has become relatively popular in Colombia's biggest cities and Bogota is no exception. There are plenty of Yoga centers, especially in the north of the city as well as in downtown. There are schools with many different Yoga styles. Prices per session could be around 15 USD, but monthly fees are cheaper. One school with different locations around the city is Happy Yoga but there are many more. You can even see groups practicing open air in parks around the city.

I hope that this is the info you needed.




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