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Colombia/question about section of Bogota


QUESTION: I'm planning on visiting my Colombian girlfriend next month and she lives around San Cristobal.  Is that a safe area for gringos like me?

ANSWER: Hello,
Where is San Cristobal? There are several San Cristobal in Colombia. Please ask your girlfriend the state, departamento, and let me know, will be glad to help.
We do background checks on newly met Colombians, just in case you are interested.

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QUESTION: It is villa del Los alpes in bogota. Thanks!

ANSWER: Hello,
I am so sorry to be responding this question so late.
This section is way south in the city, which in itself means not very safe and low income, specially for a foreigner.
Buyer beware.

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QUESTION: You say buyer beware? I didn't end up going there.  But a question, likelihood of being scammed if she presented me to her parents and brother? It almost seems too good to be true, but I do have a nagging doubt that if I didn't check out I would feel like a fool.

Hi Rick,
It is difficult to know the intentions of someone when you just know what that person tells you via email or skype, best thing is to do a background check on that person, that way you know who you are dealing with.
You can email us at
We can help.


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