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QUESTION: Does a Colombian minor have to be present to submit an application for a Colombia Passport?

ANSWER: Hello Bob,
Yes they have to be present and they have to be accompanied with a parent or legal guardian.
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QUESTION: Does a Colombian Minor have to be present for a Visa interview at the Embassy?

ANSWER: I assume you mean U.S. Embassy and am not sure what type of visa, if it is a tourist visa, yes, everyone applying must be present.

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QUESTION: Sorry, I wasn't very clear with my question. I have applied for a K1 fiance visa for my Colombian fiance. She has a daughter who is a minor. I guess i'm not sure if a minor is required to have a US visa if accompanied by a parent, as long as they have a valid passport.

Ok. The Fiance visa has to have the information included for the minor. The application needs to have the corresponding g-325A form for your fiance and one for her child. Also on the I-129F form there is a field where you need to input the information of any minor children. The minor child also will need a visa in order to travel, these are K2 visas. Once the visa application is approved you will receive notice from the Embassy, then you will need to prepare the appropriate forms for each one of them and pay the fee for each one of them.
Please keep in mind that the minor child will need permission from the other parent to travel out of Colombia.
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