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Colombia/Colombian Mother with naturalized U.S. passport traveling back after 50 years



My mother just booked a trip to Colombia where she hasn't travelled in more than 50 years. She recently became a U.S. citizen. She just learned that in order to travel, she needs proof of Colombia citizenship. She has an expired Colombian passport and a weathered birth certificate. She does not have a cedula since she was 13 years old at the time she travelled to the U.S. and you weren't required to have one if you were under the age of 18. My questions are, does she need to renew her Colombian passport and will she need a cedula? If so, can she get a cedula here in the states? She is due to travel on August 1st.

I would greatly appreciate your help in answering these questions.

Thank you.

Hello Natalie,
Apologies for the lateness in my response.
Yes she will need to get a cedula to renew her passport. Yes it can be done in the U.S., but she will need a new birth certificate in order to do this. She will need to file soon in order to get things in time for her trip.
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