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Colombia/getting a passport as an adoptee


I was adopted from Colombia by American parents in 1978.  I was abandoned in Colombia from my natural birth parents, my name given to me by the state, and then my name changed in Colombia to facilitate the adoption.

The paperwork I possess include the adoption papers in Spanish and English, the abandonment paperwork, and the birth certificate in Spanish and English translation.  The adoption papers clearly state I am being taken by my adopted parents to America to reside there, and their address is given.

I now have my Massachusetts ID, can vote in Massachusetts, and I have a valid social security card.  Oh and I have a baptism certificate that is certified.

For paperwork purposes, that is all I have.

I would like to get a passport to travel back to Colombia.  Do I have enough paperwork to make that happen?  What else do I need to satisfy the us citizenship paperwork proof?

Hello Peter,
You will need to first get a cedula, which is Colombia's official ID, it has an identifying number, much like a social security number. With this you can apply for a passport.
In order to get your cedula you will need to get a new birth certificate, by law this certificate cannot be older than 3 months.
If you need help in obtaining the paperwork needed, please email us at, we will be happy to assist you in the entire process.


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