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Cesar, back in the 80's, who was Escobar fighting ?

Like why were there so many murders in Medellin ?

Was it only drug people dying ? because I read that Escobar was waging war on the public.  Were there a lot of average citizens being killed when they had the highest murder rate in the world ?


Dear Mr. Al:

Pablo Escobar was a drug lord. He directed a very large drug cartel in Colombia. He would order the killing of anyone who was against his business. The government was fighting him. He fought by ordering the placement of bombs in cars that would explode in the places they selected. He could order who to be menaced, killed, etc. I suppose that number of deaths was not extremely large, but I do not know the statistics. He started businesses with an "paramilitary" group to fight the guerrilla, but at some point the paramilitary group went against him and was an important factor in the fall of Escobar. The group killed the most important assistants of Escobar and gave him a lot of trouble. Between the government and the paramilitary group plus the guerrilla the result was the end of Pablo Escobar.

Pablo Escobar was suggested to run for a political position and he did. To gain adepts he bought houses and gave them to poor people. There is an area of Medellín that has a number of houses he donated. Luis Carlos Galan (one of the presidential candidates at the time spoke badly about Pablo Escobar and ended up dead. Some of the details are still unknown, but it is believed that Escobar ordered Galan's death.

A good way to know about Pablo Escobar and what was actually happening, etc. is actually running searches on his name. You could search at Wikipedia and also do Google and Bing searches.

There was a lot of crime during the era when Pablo Escobar lived. There was guerrilla, paramilitary groups (who were created to fight the guerrilla but became corrupted and criminal), and drug cartels. All of them basically competing with each other for the drug money and other types of sources of income. Crime diminished greatly in part because of government fighting them all of those groups.




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