I am traveling to colombia. and on my return flight to Canada. I fly from Medellin with avion to Bogotá and i have to get on an air canada flight to Canada??.do i have to switch terminals in bogota to get my canadian flight? Is it difficult?? thank you cesar

Dear Mr. Jerome:

Most flights are now using terminal one. Some of the Avianca flights go to terminal 2. I do not know what airline you are using. Normally when you arrive to a terminal you walk to where the luggage is picked up. You can follow the other passenges that will go together to pickup their luggage. You pickup the luggage and then if you notice that you are in terminal 1 (the main terminal) then you do not need to leave the airport since the international airflights leave from that terminal. If you notice that you are in terminal 2 then you can go to an exit that says there is a bus that goes to terminal 1. You can just tell airport employees the words "Terminal uno" and they will point you in the direction you need to go. If they point you to a door where the free bus passes (it is an internal bus pathway, not out on the street, then you can wait for it and take it. You can even ask the driver: "Terminal uno?" or other passengers.

If for some reason you take another exit you will see that is out on the street where there will be people waiting for the love ones. That would be the street and you must not take transportation out on the street since you are not going into the city, rather staying in the airport to take the next flight. If you see yourself out on the street then you should go back inside and ask for help reaching "Terminal uno". It is not complicated. Just make sure you go to terminal one. There are signs that tell in English what they are: if the entry for the bus to terminal one, if the exit to take a taxi, etc. There is an exit where the passenger see two choices: go to the international terminal counters or exit to the street. You will take the one that takes you to the international counters. The main airport (Terminal One) has two levels/floors. There is an entrance to take international flights. You go inside when it is a good time to be inside for departure. Your airline will tell you how much in advance you need to be there for the flight. Usually 3 hours for international flights and at least 1 or 2 hours for local flights. You might need to pay for a departure fee (charged by the Colombian government, around $45 to $60 depending on being a foreigner or not) at a separate window or or the fee might have been already included in the moneys you paid when you purchased the ticket. You can ask the airline about that.

The ticket might show the terminal you will be arriving to. You can also call your airline and ask them about this and other details.




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