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I'm 62 yrs old. Was born in Baranquilla  Colombia.  Have lived in the u.s. since I was 5 yrs old. I applied for social security here in the u.s.  but I have to provide my birth certificate.   I contacted the consulate inmiami. They e-mailed me back stating that I have to know who registered me and where. My parents, and grand parents  have passed away. I have no clue where I was registered. And have no relatives old enough to help me with  that information.
Could you possibly  help me with  any information on how to proceed or where to begin. Thank you.

Dear Mr. Federico:

They are only asking you who registered you. Not that you need to bring them to their office. Most likely your parents or grandparents registered you. You can tell them that you do not know who registered you, but that it was probably them and then you provide their names Maybe the consulate wants to verify the names or confirm that they are handling the correct record, not somebody else's record. I suppose that in Colombia you were registered where you were born: in Barranquilla, Colombia or in a nearby city such as in Cartagena or Santa Marta.

Most people know the names of the parents and even the names of the grandparents (at least their first names). If not then the names of who adopted them. You can also go to the consulate in person and explain the situation so that they can help you. Show them your American passport. It will say your place of birth (Barranquilla, Colombia). You can provide the names of your parents and or at least their last or first names. As you know, normally your first last name is your father's last name and your second last name is your mother's last name. If you only have one last name then that is probably your mother's last name (that happens when the last name of the father is unknown).

People in Colombia is registered at notaries. People go to a notary and register the birth. It is a quick and simple process. They also register children when the child is baptized. Notaries in Colombia are numbered: from 1 to an X number that grows sequentially. The first notary in the city will by Notary 1, the second being established will be Notary 2 and so on. If you find someone in Barranquilla who could stop and the main notaries they can try to find your record. The Colombian government also uses a record office. It is called “Registraduría” and is located at major cities such as Barranquilla. They hold a lot of records too.

You should  go or contact the Colombian consulate and see if they can help you (such as by skipping that part, by indicating that the names of the people who registered you are unknown. They will probably send a request to search for your records in Colombia anyway.

If worse comes to worse and they ask you to get that information yourself then you could try to contact a relative or friend in Barranquilla who could go to the notaries there to find your record or maybe go to the Registraduría office there for assistance. If not possible then you or someone you speaks Spanish can start calling notaries (could buy calling cards) in Barranquilla and see if they would look for the record. They are often busy and might not want to do that. You could offer sending a payment for them to look, but there are multiple notary offices and it will be a pain to find the right one. The internet has the phone numbers and addresses of all of the notaries in Barranquilla and the information for their records office in Barranquilla ("Registraduría en Barranquilla") too.

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