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Colombia/How long the passport need to be valid?


I want to travel from the United States to Cucuta Colombia very soon. I am waiting on my passport. I have been told that I must have a passport six months before I travel to Colombia. Is there a way I can travel sooner. Can I ask pay to enter earlier or request early entry.

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I do not think that is true. Normally as soon as a person gets a passport or has been issued a Colombian visa or is a national of a country that is not required a visa (such as for tourism) then that person would be allowed entry into Colombia without a waiting period. What countries do not want is the passport expiring while the person is still in their country. That is why they ask that passports have at least an x number of months or sufficient time of validity so that the passport will be valid for the entire time the visa allows the person to stay (and hopefully some more). The usual requirement is for the passport to be valid for at least 6 months (because most visas are for 90 to 180 days and can be extended another 90 to 180 days).

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