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Thank you for taking time in reading my questions, i'm a disabled middle age hispanic man living single want to live in Santa Marta, Colombia, due to my health i need to live where it is warm weather, not high altitude ,how is health care with doctors?, plan on living in santa marta during cold weather where i'm from which is from November to February ,not really a night person ,i can assist with charities, auto mechanic, how about gym avilable weight training,yoga, walks in the park,any information, knowledge is greatly appreciated, thanks.


I have limited knowledge of health topics. I can tell you that Santa Marta is a fairly big city with significant medical infrastructure. It has attracted lots of foreigners and it has become an international tourist destination.

I would suggest that you purchase a health insurance package before coming. You may also contact companies like Colsanitas or Coomeva, which offer health service packages. Im not familiar with prices nor conditions.

There are plenty of gyms and there should be places where you can practice yoga. Downtown Santa marta is being refurbished and prices are still affordable. If you find accommodation there, you would be very close to markets, hospitals and attractions.

Work opportunities are scarce and poorly paid so do not think that you can get enough income there to make a decent living. Bring as much money as possible or save as much as you can before coming to Colombia. I would say that to live a comfortable but not luxurious life in Santa marta, you would need at least 1.700 USD per month.

I hope that this helps.



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