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I was adopted in Colombia and have lived in the US ever since. I recently obtained my Cedula and Colombian Passport and I'm planning to visit Colombia at some point in the near future. However, upon researching how dual U.S/ Colombian Citizens exit the US, enter Colombia and then exit Colombia and re enter the U.S are stumping me. I know both countries require their citizens to show and exit/enter on their respective passports, but how does one coordinate that? Are you aware of any instances or stories where this was an issue?

Hi Alec,
Thank you for your message.
Yes, it can be a little confusing.
What you need to do is leave the U.S. with your U.S. passport, enter Colombia with your Colombian passport, leave Colombia with your Colombian passport, and enter the U.S. with your U.S. passport.
Hope that is clear.
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Thanks and happy travels.


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