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Hi Dr.  I am a 46 yold woman , dx in Nov 2011 with stage 3b. I am set to do my yearly cat scan this May 31st. I am making myself so nervous. I have a 5 year old son who is my world. My cea level was never high even prior to surgery, so its not a marker for me. I had 9 inches of colon removed in sigmoid area. 2 nodes out of 18 were infected. I finished chemo in June 2012, had scan after that, all clear. I wanted a scan at 6 month intervals but onc said he did not want to expose me to more radiation. I asked to give me an ultrasound then of my abdomen, he knows I am a nervous nellie. he said will it help you sleep at night I said yes. So ultrasound was done of my liver, pancreas, and whatever else they see gall bladder , kidneys. That was in November 2012.All was fine with that. So this is my first scan since June 2012. My question is how accurate is an ultrasound on detecting mets in Liver? can it see everything? I have been getting shoulder pain lately in both shoulders more left than right, and when I bend I sometimes feel like a knot under my right rib. I am really making myself nervous.  i just want everything to be fine so that I can live my life. I had my yearly colonoscopy also and that was fine. The jabs under my right rib make me nervous when they occur.

Ultrasound can detect lesions you ask about but not as well as a CT scan. But your doctor is correct. Radiation exposure by CT scanning is big. You should report your pain problem to your doctor so it can be checked. Unfortunately I can not give you any guarantees. Only time will tell. But we are rowing the same kind of boat. I have had radiation therapy for a prostate cancer - more than 4 years ago. So I do understand what you are dealing with. Good luck!

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