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Colon Cancer/Blood in stool


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

My father went to the local community health center (we are in northern California) almost three months ago.   My father is 70.  They recommended that he take send a stool sample into the lab.

After he didn't hear anything for 71 days (yes, we counted), we had just figured everything was okay.

On the 71st day, a nurse called to discuss his results.

My father found out that there was blood in his stool and they were setting up a date for a colonoscopy.

While I know you cannot give me much information until he gets the results from the colonoscopy, I am wondering if you have anything that could possibly ease him mind about the colonoscopy process or have an resources online that are reliable for him to read?  

We are having a really hard time knowing that we didn't get his results for so long and not knowing how far the potential cancer (god forbid) has progressed or spread.

My father's brother had colon cancer so we are very concerned.  

Any information or resources would be much appreciated.  

Thank you again,


Blood in the stool may have many causes of which colon cancer is just one. So while it is possible that this is caused by a colon cancer that is by no means the only possible explanation. Hemorrhoids, rifts in the lining of his anus and many other things are also possible causes. I am of about the same age as your father. Since I have had radiation therapy for a prostate cancer with a rather heavy radiation dosage in my rectum I have colonoscopies regularly once a year. My 6th colonoscopy will take place on August 27. During these 6 years 4 polyps were found during my colonoscopies and removed. None of them was cancerous. These colonoscopies were all done here in Sweden. I think that in the USA the patients that undergo this procedure are sedated. Though I may be mistaken about that. Not so here anyway. Here all patients undergoing this are fully awake. That has not been any problem. Not to me anyway. I have not had any problem before, during or after these procedures. The bowel cleaning before the procedure is not fun but not a big problem in any way. You must also abstain from eating while the cleaning takes place. Again not a big problem. Even if it is not certain that there is a cancer in your father's case the risk of it is still big enough to make a colonoscopy absolutely necessary. So in short, this procedure is in itself nothing to worry about. The result of it is of course something else. But again even though there may indeed be a cancer it is still far from certain that there is one. Good luck! P.S. Call the clinic where it will be done and ask for their information material. That way you will get precise information with regards to sedation etc.

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I do NOT understand why it took such a long time for them to tell you this. If in your situation I would demand an explanation! Good luck!

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