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Hi there,
I am a 17 year old male, and for about a month my bowel movements seem to have been out of whack. Usually I go once a day and have a semi hard, brown movement

I had a pretty severe, bacterial stomach bug a little over a month ago. Severe diarrhea and projectile vomiting. I was like that for a couple days. About a week later, my bowel movements started becoming inconsistent. Sometimes they are light brown and more runny, other times they are dark brown and hard. Sometimes I will go two to three time a day, and other times I will only go once a day or every other day. Sometimes I feel the urge to go and can not.  I have had some lower abdominal pain, which I would attribute to gas, this has only happened on occasion, not daily. I haven't noticed any blood or mucus in stool. Just these inconsistent bowel movements. Could it be related to the stomach bug I had? Diet? Or something else?
I know colon cancer and other bowel diseases are less common at my age, but I'm still very concerned

It may very well be connected to your previous "bug". In any case I see very little reason in your case to think that this in any way can be connected to cancer. So it is definitely outside my area of expertise here. However since your problems continue you should contact your doctor in order to get help with this. Good luck!

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