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Colon Cancer/Cecum tumor


My Gf was recently diagnosed with Lupus. I decided to organize her records and discovered that in 7/12 (2 yrs ago) she had (2) colonoscopy's both of which discovered a "cecum tumor" 2 mm.  Additionally her liver enzymes have been consistently high for over 2 years with one statement saying she had a fatty liver.
She never dealt with this because AZ Medicaid dropped her.  They just reinstated her so I took her to my doctor.  He did a ultrasound  and found nothing but the liver is still high.  In 2 months she has dropped 40 pounds but her thyroid is active again so it could be from that.  I also took her to the ER hoping they would admit her to deal with her pain and all her many issues but it was a fantasy.
Where should we go from here?

If she now again has medical insurance the logical step - if possible and if she agrees - would be to make another colonoscopy to see what the local condition is and if possible have a biopsy done or even better to have the tumor removed and sent to pathology for examination.  In that way we would know what it is and what else has to be done - if anything!  Good luck!

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Colon Cancer

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