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Colon Cancer/Are some people more sensitive to the effects of saturated fat than others?


Hi Doc.
This is a diet question, but colo-rectal runs in my family, and until recently i ate very heavy meat diet like my Dad and uncles. I have regular colonoscopys, and so fat so good.
I started packing on the pounds a few years ago, and since then have tried low carb, no gluten, vegetarian diets  to no avail. I am 56 and at least 50 pounds over. When my buddy passed recently from a massive unexpected heart attack, I started to look closer at my diet. He was very much like me, same age and weight, on a low carb diet. Bacon and eggs every day-you get the picture.
My old school doctor requested I try low fat to lose weight and avoid cancer and other issues, and I had tried low fat-under 36 grams of fat a day which is recommended for my weight based on percentage of calories- but it didnt 'kick in'. I decided to go very low-what the 'experts say is too low-under 10 grams of fat I day. Now I am starting to slowly lose weight!? I can still eat lots of food  as long as there is little or no fat in it. My calorie count is actually greater now than when I was low carb. Also, my digestion has improved.I cant figure this out. Is it possible that some people like me are just 'fat sensitive'? One more thing, I do drink a bit too much beer, and in the past a few buds with a steak would guarantee bloating and weight gain next day, bloating for days after. Now I can have a few with a low fat meal of say skinless chicken breast, and no issues at all! I am still amazed, and a bit mad I didnt discover this sooner. After all, isnt a low fat diet old school and recommended  by doctors? Google low fat diet and low CARB diet  comes up instead!
Thanks for your thoughts good doctor, and all the best to you and yours! Spring is coming to us in Canada and Sweden too! Wheeeeee

Hi Barry, indeed spring is coming! Very nice! Your question is a bit outside of what I have been doing during most of my professional life. But in a general sense even if we all are very much alike we are all also quite different. So I am sure you can find differences with regards to how we react to all kinds of foodstuffs including fats. But you have to watch the beer. There are a lot of calories there! Try plain cold water with a little lemon or lime or both and see if you can notice any difference. And continue with regular colonoscopies in order to avoid any colon cancer. I do them too! Good luck!

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