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Colon Cancer/Gastro Bleeding


Thank You Doctor for taking the time to answer my question. It is not really cancer related but I hope you can possibly help? I'm a 47 year old male diagnosed with grade 2 internal hemorrhoids and  diverticulosis via colonoscopy aged 37, continued very heavy intermittent bleeding over 9 years. I developed pagophagia (ice pica) in 2010 after a particularly heavy bleeding episode  primary care Dr. found hemoglobin to be at 11 with all other blood counts normal and was told to add more meat into my diet. again heavy intermittent bleeding continued. in may of 2015 my physical revealed my hemoglobin was down to 8! occult stool test done and was negative, Dr. referred me back to gastroenterologist he prescribed iron tablets (hemax) and did a endoscopy and colonoscopy. endoscopy was negative, colonoscopy reveled diverticulosis, and grade 2 internal hemorrhoids/slight prolapse, again bleeding is intermittent (sometimes months without)hemoglobin quickly went up to 14 pica gone. I have since had diverticulitis 3 times(one hospitalization)each time hemoglobin as well as all other blood counts were normal. over the last 2 months my hemorrhoid bleeding has been heavy,ice pica has returned, tired during exercise etc,primary Dr. again said up the red meat intake and take some liquid iron which I have done 18mg/iron daily, red meat 2 times a week. Gastro Dr. recommended banding if heavy bleeding persists which is my intention however with all the diverticulitis attacks my insurance only covers so much and I can't afford to do the banding right now. each Dr said to supplement with iron however didn't say how much. I know iron supplements can be dangerous so I am concerned. I guess what I am asking is, is there a general guide for how much iron to take when bleeding heavily? should I continue to use the iron when I'm not bleeding? I'm trying to avoid a blood transfusion at all costs! again thank you so much for taking time to read such a long question!

I am sorry! But I am here ONLY as a cancer doctor! Nothing else! I do suggest that you direkt this question either to a gastro-enterologist or to a gastroenterological surgeon here! Good luck!

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