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Colon Cancer/Anal sex/HP virus


QUESTION: Hello, I was just reading one of your answers regarding if the man has the hp
virus and you have anal sex with him.
What if YOU, as in me, the woman, have it (I was tested and know I am
positive for it) and after having normal sex, he inserts into your anas. Does
this mean you can pass your own hp virus to your partner and your anas? Is
this dangerous?

I recently have been diagnosed with IBS (although all my life have had a
flatulence, cramping problem) and have been researching everything on here.
It crossed my mind that perhaps the anal sex we have been having since we
have been together (my husband, one year) could be contributed to the
sudden horrible chronic constipation and ibs... Is this true?

Could it be that I always had this and anal sex exasperated it?

I am also in a foreign country and adjusting to food and lifestyle here, so I
have taken that into account as something that is possibly brining this all on.
I am totally stumped.

signed 37 and NOT ready to get old,

ANSWER: You are asking several questions and I will address the first.  Viruses can be passed back and forth through unprotected sex, whether oral, vaginal, or anal. Constipation can have many causes, but the most frequent is too little dietary fiber.  Since you are living in a foreign country you may have become a tea drinker.  Tea contains an astringent that causes the colon to over absorb water and constipates many people.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello again,

Thanks for the reply, though I did not get any questions answered really.

So does this mean that anal sex can or can't have something to do with the constipation?
As for the hp virus, that was just an afterthought that perhaps it could be related to the constipation.

I do not drink anything but herbal teas and am not really a drinker of them at that. I also eat PLENTY of fiber, i.e my diet consists mainly of fruit/veg's.
I have given up meat and sugar, as well, I think I might be gluten intolerant.

So it is ruled out that it is fiber.

I have no had a colonscopy yet or biopsy as the doctors here said I have IBS, case closed.

I am at a complete loss what to do next, what to ask of the doctors here and what to rule out.

Please, please help.

And please, delete the anal sex question if that has nothing to do with it. I had just wondered. Thanks.


I referenced tea and meant all teas.  The caffeine in traditional tea is not the culprit; it is the tanins in herb teas and regular teas that cause smooth muscle spasm.  In fact, one treatment for bleeding is to apply tea leaves to help constrict the capillaries, arterioles and venules. Anal sex can lead to anal fissures, incontinence, and hemorrhoids but to my knowledge not to constipation.  The rectal vault is almost completely empty all the time except at defecation when the pelvic slings and floor relax and contract to assist evacuation.  If you have been given a diagnosis of IBD, make certain it was after a thorough work-up by a gastroenterologist.  Stool change, caliber, frequency and consistency is an indication for colonoscopy. You are not too young to have a serious problem lurking down there.  Good luck.

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