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Hello, my wife and i are retired and decided to leave Florida for Colorado. Have visited before, loved the west and the people. Being a veteran, Denver seems to be the only place with a VA hospital. Would Denver be too exspense or maybe a smaller town. Your insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I would have told you 8-9 years ago that Denver is not too expensive. However it seems that recently we have become one of the highest priced areas in the Nation. Not that we are more expensive, just that the prices are climbing at an alarming rate and don't show any sign of going down any time soon. I live just north west of Denver in Arvada, and while it isn't as expensive as the city, the prices are climbing. The east side of town is growing at an alarming rate, and I am not sure where the prices are going to be. I know that Green Valley ranch for instance is just south of DIA, and I think that prices aren't too high. You'd be fairly close the VA and not have to live in Aurora. I included a link to illustrate current estimated values.

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