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There was a moovie about a family that moves into a house next to a seaside beach. They soon realize that it is haunted and cant figure out how to get rid of the ghosts. This moovie is a comedy from the 60's or 70's. The ghost of the maide is playd by Mary Grace Canfield. She becomes attracted to one of the older family members and keeps trying to bump him off so that he will be a ghost so that she can be with him.

Penny, I believe this is the 1967 William Castle film "The Spirit is Willing," even though some of the plot elements and actors are slightly different. Mary Grace Canfield was not in the film (nor in any horror comedy film of the time). However, there is a family who moves into a house near the beach which is haunted by three ghosts--a sailor, his unattractive new wife (whom he married for money), and the maid (who gets involved with the husband, leading the wife to take a hatchet to both, then the man killed her before expiring). The maid ghost, Jenny, is played by a young beautiful Jill Townsend, and the wife ghost, Felicity, was played by comic actress Cass Daley.  The wife does attempt to kill one of the older men to be a companion ghost. The film was based on a serious novel by Nathaniel Benchley, but Castle turned it into a slapstick comedy. To be sure I have the correct title, you can view a description here:
You can find a copy of it on Netflix and, if interested.  I hope this is the film title you were looking for.

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