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Please let me know in below conversation when Eddie said not this pretty boy he meant that to Marty ( the dealer) that Clark was playing with him or he meant Clark... The way that I understood is he is saying that people like Clark made this town with their gambling money not the people of that town like the dealer....please let me who is he pointing by saying not this pretty boy .....Clark or Marty..thank you

Cousin Eddie: Thats it Clark... show him whos boss. Its people
 like you who come here and blow the family nest egg that built this
 town... not this pretty boy!

I haven't seen this film in a very long time, but from the sentence structure of the dialogue you included, as well as the satirical nature of all the "Vacation" films, I would say that it is clear that Eddie means the dealer (Marty) is the "pretty boy" who did not build the town. Instead it is all those who gamble away their life savings, an astute observation actually. It also is humorous (Eddie implies that Clark plans to "blow the family nest egg").

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